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Today's Random King of the Hill Quotations
  • Hank Hill: (punishing Bobby for smoking by making him smoke a carton of cigarettes)
    Bobby, if you're gonna do something wrong, do it right!
  • Cotton Hill: C'mon grease monkey, Lets tango!
  • Dale Gribble: This is a great gun-selling location... How 'bout it Peggy? Can I sell guns at this location? I have literally oodles of guns at home.

King of the Hill Summary

King of the Hill, which debuted in 1997, is an animated series by Fox that portrays the Hill family — Hank, his wife Peggy, son Bobby, and their dog Ladybird — and their neighbors, Dale Gribble, Bill Dauterive, and Boomhauer, along with Hank's boss at Strickland Propane. Proud of their Texas heritage, the Hills espouse traditional conservative American values, including a solid work ethic and regular attendance at the Methodist church.


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