Hank Hill Quotes: Great Quotations from King of the Hill

About Hank Hill

Hank, who works as the assistant manager at Strickland Propane, likes to proclaim proudly that he sells "propane and propane accessories."

Hank is a stereotypical conservative, pick-up truck driving, beer drinking Texas redneck, a political conservative who loves his wife and son but is uncomfortable expressing or demonstrating his affection. He is far more comfortable standing in the alley drinking Alamo Beer with his buddies, Dale, Bill and Boomhauer.

Hank idolizes his boss, Buck Strickland, at Strickland Propane, despite Buck's drinking, womanizing and gambling — all activities that are anathema to Hank's old-fashioned world view.

Hank's narrow urethra is a source of embarrassment and shame to him, but an acceptable topic of conversation to his wife, Peggy. It is because of the narrow urethra that Hank and Peggy have only one child, Bobby.

Hank is often uncomfortable with Bobby's interests, which tend to center around television and video games, in contrast to Hank's own high school football career.


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