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Random King of the Hill Quotations

  • Peggy Hill: I used to be one of the finest mothers in the state of Texas and now, now I can't even wipe a baby.
  • Hank Hill: (Speaking to Willie Nelson)
    I'm your biggest fan, sir. When I was a boy I worshiped you....and Jesus of course.
  • Luanne Platter: It is very important to always know your name. Here's a little trick I use to remember mine: I think of a man named Lu, and a woman named Anne. They meet in a kingdom in a forest - okay, maybe that's too complicated.
  • Hank Hill: ((to Peggy in a body cast))
    You know, Helen Keller was largely useless, but look how we remember her. Yep, first lady of the American stage
  • Cotton Hill: Them tojos came at me faster than i could gut 'em ,so i had to gut 'em faster.
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